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ID Theft can happen at anytime... Don't become another faceless number

Identity theft can range from stealing your personal data to acquire credit cards to securing a home loan to authorizing expensive medical procedures and surgeries to committing crimes in your name and more. Identity theft can rip your life apart, and it’s only growing stronger. Most credit card companies and financial institutions only correct proven transaction errors. Companies that do offer more help often leave the leg work to you, requiring as much as 200 HOURS of your own time, according to recent surveys. And that doesn’t include the stress and expense — often in the thousands of dollars — of trying to put your credit, and your life, back together.

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Identity Theft Affects Everyone in
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Financial Institutions

With regulations growing more stringent you need to make sure that your institution is 100% compliant. Secure Identity Systems has the programs and products to keep your customers and institution secure. [more]


Families & Individuals

Every year, it gets easier and easier for identity thieves to get the information they need to hijack your identity. Don’t become the next statistic, protect you and your family today. [more]



Let your employees know that you care about their identity and their safety. Talk to us about setting up an ID Theft and Breach plan for your employees and your business. [more]

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Be Prepared for the "Perfect Storm"

A recent article The Perfect Storm is Brewing gives us an accurate evaluation of where the financial services industry is headed. The future of the banking world shouldn’t come down to this. There are services available to combat these arising issues. Become proactive and prepare for this “Storm

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Data Breach and
PCI Security Program

Last year, nearly 36 million personal records were compromised by data breach — and that number is expected to grow in the future. What’s more, nearly 40 percent of those breaches occurred at businesses. The fines, assessments, and expenses merchants are obligated to pay even if a breach of credit card data is only suspected could cost thousands — even tens of thousands — of dollars.