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Cyber Security for Individuals and Families

An individual’s personal identifying information is stolen or sold every 5 seconds. Secure Identity will protect your reputation and financial well-being with our advanced identity fraud monitoring and alerting services.

Did you know that only 26% of identity fraud cases are related to credit?

The leading causes of identity theft include:

  • Receiving medical care without insurance
  • Tax Return Fraud
  • Illegal aliens applying for jobs
  • Criminals in hiding
  • Sex offenders living where they are prohibited

Sadly, minors are the fastest growing target for identity fraud? Children make a tempting target for identity thieves because their stolen identity can go undetected for years. Most school systems require parents to fill out forms that include their child’s name, date of birth, address, and social security number. Identity thieves can easily gain access to this information open accounts in a child’s name and perform criminal acts that will ruin their future credit and employment opportunities. It is important to protect your entire family. People with no or limited credit activity are an even bigger target.

Secure Identity Systems’ Total Identity Monitoring (TIM) fraud protection service is the most comprehensive solution to proactively protect and prevent identity thieves from getting access to you and your family. Our patented TIM technology searches more public and non-public databases than any company in the marketplace to identify anomalies and fraudulent activity. From fake licenses to fraudulent mortgages and utility records, our robust solution will flag any suspicious activity using your personally identifiable information.

Protect yourself from the next BlueCross BlueShield, Target, Uber, Yahoo, or Equifax breach that takes place. If you or your child’s identity is compromised, Secure Identity will assign a Personal Recovery Advocate to make all the necessary calls and complete the required documentation for pre-theft restoration. Secure Identity Systems’ multi-layered Total Identity Monitoring solution also includes reimbursement for expenses you may incur while we work to clear your name and restore your reputation such as: travel expenses, court and attorney fees, or lost wages due to missing time at work.

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