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Resolution for Individuals and Families

The number of confirmed identity theft cases are up 60% in the last year. And long as high-profile companies such as: Target, Home Depot, BlueCross BlueShield, Yahoo, Equifax, and Uber continue to leak personally identifiable information of their customers through breaches and hacks, this trend will continue. In 2017, there were over 300 million identities compromised in result of only three businesses getting hacked.

According the FTC, it can take hundreds of hours to repair damage caused by identity theft. Secure Identity Systems will eliminate the time and stress of trying to restore your reputation and clear your name if you fall victim to identity fraud. If you experience identity theft or fraud, our team of Personal Recovery Advocates are here to assist you. We will conduct a thorough investigation, and fully manage the entire process of restoring your identity. This includes making the necessary calls and filing all of the required documentation to restore you to pre-theft status. Our team of professionals are quick to respond, they will coach you through the entire restoration process, and will provide you with education and best practices to avoid future occurrences.

Other Services for Individuals and Families

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