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In the past, identity theft protection relied solely on credit monitoring, which is no longer sufficient. Only 26% of confirmed identity fraud cases are related to credit. While there is no fail proof way to protect against identity fraud, it is imperative to take the necessary measures to catch it early and to have a plan in place to restore your reputation and protect your financial well-being.

To catch the other 74% of identity fraud cases early, it is important to monitor both public and non-public databases. From the Dark Web to gun permits and utility records, our 1500 data base scans have the ability to cover every corner of the digital world to ensure your safety. Secure Identity Systems robust solution also includes New Account Opening Alerts. If a line of credit or a new account is opened in your name, you get contacted immediately to verify that you approve and authorize the transaction.

Secure Identity Systems provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective identity fraud protection plan in the nation. We monitor over 1,500 public and non-public databases seeking to find anomalies and fraudulent activity that go undetected by traditional methods of monitoring.

While some identity fraud companies merely monitor for suspicious activity, we proactively alert our customers when our advanced technologies suspect a hint of fraud. If one of our customers falls victim to identity fraud, we have a team of professional investigators and personal recovery advocates to make the necessary calls and fill out the required documents to return our customers to pre-theft status. Secure Identity Systems also provides reimbursement to customers for out-of-pocket expenses they may incur while we resolve their case. We partner with financial institutions and help them properly educate their customers and the entire community of the threats of identity fraud and cybercrime, and how they can protect themselves from becoming a victim.

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