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How to Respond to a Data Breach: A Step by Step Guide

1. Determine what was stolen   Sadly, we are used to seeing “DATA BREACH” in the news at this point. In light of the new wave of hacker threats, it’s important to have some base knowledge on what to do if you see a potential threat from a company’s data breach. The...

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Dell Customer Phone Scam

(from maker Dell is asking for help in an ongoing probe into the source of customer information that appears to have somehow landed in the laps of fraudsters posing as Dell computer support technicians. KrebsOnSecurity readers continue to...

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The Lowdown on the Apple-FBI Showdown

(from readers have asked for a primer summarizing the privacy and security issues at stake in the dispute between Apple and the U.S. Justice Department, which last week convinced a judge in California to oder Apple to unlock an iPhone used by...

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Fraudsters Tap Kohl’s Cash for Cold Cash

(from KrebsonSecurity)Scam artists have been using hacked accounts from retailer to order high-priced, bulky merchandise that is then shipped to the victim’s home. While the crooks don’t get the stolen merchandise, the unauthorized purchases rack up valuable...

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Protecting U.S Innovation from Cyberthreats

(from The Wall Street Journal)President Obama’s new national action plan includes $3 billion to kick-start an overhaul of federal computer systems. More than any other nation, American is defined by the spirit of innovation, and our dominance in the digital world...

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