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How are robocallers getting your phone number?

Does it ever feel like you’re getting more robocalls than calls from actual humans? Illegal robocalls aren’t just annoying — they’re also often scams. But you might be wondering — how did they get my number in the first place? Sometimes robocalls are random. But...

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Job scams targeting college students are getting personal

If you’ll be seeing college-age relatives over the holidays, warn them about a variation on the “job interview” scam that students looking for summer or permanent employment have reported to us. Virtual job scams are nothing new, but they’ve taken a personal – and...

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Last-minute shopping? Three ways to spot rip-offs

Ever think about clicking on ads for big markdowns or close-out sales in your feed? Social media seems to know what’s on your shopping list, whether it’s the season’s hot toys, electronics, or other popular items. The problem? Scammers are impersonating real companies...

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The Data Loss Prevention Market in the Future

Our CEO, Bryan Ansley, gives his expert opinion on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Market in 2016 & Beyond to Digital Guardian. Here is what he has to say: “To catapult the data loss prevention (DLP) market into the future we need to…” First, stop relying on what is...

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