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Resolution for Businesses & Corporations

Many companies are reluctant to provide proactive identity theft protection for their employees because there is no fail-proof way to fully guard against identity fraud. However, they can still provide a great benefit and value to their staff by offering Resolution and Restoration Services.

The increase of online purchasing coupled with the amount of data that people willingly post on social media has made it very easy for cybercriminals to steal identities. Truth be told, it seems like a high-profile company is hacked every 3 months, whether its: Target, Home Depot, BlueCross BlueShield, Yahoo, Equifax, or Uber.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, it can take hundreds of hours to repair damage caused by identity theft. Don’t leave your employees to fend for themselves. Secure Identity Systems will eliminate the stress and expense of your employees trying to restore their reputation and clear their name on their own. Similar to our Total Identity Monitoring benefit, if one of your employees has their identity compromised, our team of Personal Recovery Advocates will investigate on their behalf. Following the investigation, our recovery team will complete all the work to resolve the case of fraud.

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