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Credit Scores for Financial Institutions

Having your credit monitored and tracking your credit score can help identify errors or signs of identity theft. Errors on your credit report are more common than you think, and they can easily affect your score. This can cause you to lose valuable points, resulting in higher interest rates or a complete denial for credit. Credit monitoring also makes it easier to quickly spot suspicious activity, such as new hard inquiries made without your permission or new accounts you didn’t open.

Tracking your credit score is a healthy financial habit. Secure Identity Systems utilizes tri-bureau credit monitoring to keep an accurate account of your credit score. By monitoring all 3 credit bureaus, we provide you a wider view of your credit footprint and are more aware of your overall credit status. We will provide you a monthly or quarterly update of your credit score, so you can continue to build your credit rating and we can mitigate the threat of your identity being compromised.