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Secure Identity Systems (SIS) is the premier provider of Anti-Fraud and Restoration Services for financial institutions across the United States. We help institutions reduce expenses, attract new customers, improve retention, and differentiate from their local competition.

Secure Identity Systems provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective identity fraud protection plan in the nation.

We monitor over 1,500 public and non-public databases seeking to find anomalies and fraudulent activity that go undetected by traditional methods of monitoring.

While some identity fraud companies merely monitor for suspicious activity, we proactively alert our customers when our advanced technologies suspect a hint of fraud. If one of our customers falls victim to identity fraud, we have a team of professional investigators and personal recovery advocates to make the necessary calls and fill out the required documents to return our customers to pre-theft status.

Secure Identity Systems also provides reimbursement to customers for out-of-pocket expenses they may incur while we resolve their case.

We partner with financial institutions and help them properly educate their customers and the entire community of the threats of identity fraud and cyber crime, and how they can protect themselves from becoming a victim.

Secure Identity – “TIMS” from Secure Identity on Vimeo.

Key features include:

  • Monitoring of More Databases
  • Identifies Fraud Faster
  • Proactive Alerting of Suspected Fraud
  • We Fix the Problems Immediately
  • Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Staff Education


Whether we admit it or not, we have become overly dependent on our cell phones. We rarely go anywhere without them.

We use them for texting, taking pictures and video, instant access to information, turn by turn directions, checking social media, mobile banking, and of course – verbal communication. Our phones have become one of our most valued possessions.

Our cellphones have sensitive data stored on them, and often contain work email and access to confidential workplace information.

With cyber-crime and hacking increasing by 60% in the past year, and the cost of new smartphones exceeding $1,000, it is imperative to properly protect your phone from theft and physical damage.

Key features include:

  • Next Day Phone Replacement
  • Lower Deductibles
  • Remotely Wipe Your Phone
  • Locate Your Phone Anywhere
  • Secure and Restore Data

With more than 12,000 keyloggers in distribution, anti-virus and anti-spyware aren’t enough to protect online activity from identity thieves.

With our patented, StealthType™ anti-keylogging tool, Secure Identity Systems customers are protected from even the most tenacious online identity thieves.

Most spyware tools find the hidden software AFTER they have already been installed on the victim’s computer and their important information is already in the hands of an identity thief.

The StealthType™ anti-keylogging tool actually stops the transfer of personal and sensitive information before it can get into the thief’s hands. Every keystroke the SIS customer makes is encrypted as they type, at the keyboard level.

Secure Identity – “The Solution” from Secure Identity on Vimeo.

Key features include:

  • Protects all Internet browsers
  • Protects most commonly used Windows applications
  • No virus or spyware database updates required
  • Anti-clickjacking
  • Easy installation

Providing PROACTIVE and REACTIVE protection.

As identity thieves continue to find new ways to steal and use information, identity theft product offerings must continuously evolve to protect customers against all forms of identity theft. Secure Identity Systems has patented products that offer both proactive and reactive protection against identity theft, with our product bundles offering different levels of protection. Secure Identity Systems will work with your financial institution to choose the best product offerings to reduce your liability and risk and increase your non-interest income.

We understand the needs of Financial Institutions and Corporations.

We empower institutions to offer commercial and retail customers (free) real solutions for the problem of Identity Theft which attract new customers and improve retention numbers.

We provide strategies to drive customer-funded, upgraded sales of enhanced protection programs that create new recurring non-interest income streams.

Our Programs and Strategies are proven to:

FNB Merchants, LLC, Identity Theft Protection, Nashville, TN