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 Secure Identity Systems (SIS) is the premier provider of Anti-Fraud and Restoration Services for financial institutions across the United States. We help institutions reduce expenses, attract new customers, improve retention, and differentiate from their local competition.

Providing PROACTIVE and REACTIVE protection.

As identity thieves continue to find new ways to steal and use information, identity theft product offerings must continuously evolve to protect customers against all forms of identity theft. Secure Identity Systems has patented products that offer both proactive and reactive protection against identity theft, with our product bundles offering different levels of protection. Secure Identity Systems will work with your financial institution to choose the best product offerings to reduce your liability and risk and increase your non-interest income.

We understand the needs of Financial Institutions and Corporations.

We empower institutions to offer commercial and retail customers (free) real solutions to the problem of Identity Theft which attracts new customers and improve retention numbers. We provide strategies to drive customer-funded, upgraded sales of enhanced protection programs that create new recurring non-interest income streams. 
Secure Identity’s Programs and Strategies are Proven to:

  • Increase Profits
  • Increase Customer Growth Rates
  • Improve Retention
  • Decrease Breach Risk
  • Enhance Community Image