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Reducing Fraud, Increasing Revenue

White Papers:

Total Identity Monitoring™

New Application Reveals Where Your Identity is Being Used Today

The face of identity theft is always changing and getting smarter. It’s a scary fact, but new fraud victims are found every two seconds. Are you ready to deal with the next level of identity theft?


Before the Breach: Protect Private Information from Key-Loggers and Cyber Thieves

Corporate data theft and data breaches are making headlines every day. Hackers and cyber criminals look to steal usernames and login password credentials from employees, steal bank account and payroll information, customer information, intellectual property, sensitive corporate secrets, etc., the list goes on and on..


Validate, Authenticate & Determine Customers’ Propensity to Pay

In an often “customer-not-present” world, financial institutions need adaptive tools that meet organizational policies and integrate easily into
existing platforms to mitigate fraud and data inconsistencies…